I am glad to see you on my site. My name is Kirill Danilov and I am a professional wedding photographer. I have come a long way since I was in the video studio where I got my basic experience with seeing light and shadows. Now I am a wedding photographer with a taste for the exceptional. My mission is to combine a love of beauty with avant-garde thinking. In my works, I focus on individual style and special atmosphere, on geometry and light. What does photography mean to me? It is an opportunity to stop a moment in time. Capture sincere emotions, moments of happiness, love and tenderness, moments of gratitude, affection and respect, feeling and awareness of love. I try to convey these unforgettable emotions in each of my work, because after a while a good photo revives in our memory the deepest and kindest emotions that were once forgotten. My style is a combination of beautiful and creative portraits and photojournalism. Most people don’t know how to pose and that’s why I help and guide my clients through the entire photography process. No awkward poses, just laid-back, natural moments. Together we create relaxed and simply beautiful images. Of course, I pay attention to formal family portraits, some of the most important photos of your wedding day. I believe that a wedding photographer should be a high-level director, able to create emotion and action in one frame, so that the picture becomes natural and alive. I also believe that a wedding photographer should become a friend of clients who creates a comfortable atmosphere during the session. I meet couples well before the session, I talk to them, ask them about their interests and hobbies, and the couples trust me to archive the most important moments in their lives. I am based in Nizhny Novgorod, but I am open to the world, people and everything that surrounds me. And so I will be happy to join your wedding anywhere in Russia and the world. Let’s chat right now